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           The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India.

           Our NSS unit is only 2 years old, but in the second year itself St. Paul College was given charge of kishore gaon, a small village 8 km before Murbad. Our NSS team constructed 5 bunds with in a week. It ensured that the water did not flow off and the accumulated water was pumped up for irrigation purpose. As a result, the entire land in the village was irrigated giving the farmers an incremental total income of about Rs. 2 crores in the month of January 2016. Due to availability of water, an additional crop will also be harvested in May –June 2016.
Extension Learning Programme
             Extension Education and Field Outreach activities always work to encourage people to improve their conditions in all dimensions of their lives. The methods of Extension education and Field Outreach activities arise from proven principles, and the most effective Extension Educators and Field Outreach activists know and use a variety of teaching methods. 

             Extension work is most successful when it involves learners in its programs so thoroughly that they set their own goals, apply new ideas and receive feedback from others about their progress. Extension does not dictate how people will solve problems or make decisions for them. Rather, it fosters the democratic ideal of self-governance by encouraging each person or group to choose the best among a variety of options.