Learning Methodology

The Effective curriculum delivery is ensured by College by Following steps

1). Planning : The college strategically organizes activities at the outset of the academic year, aligning them with the university planner to ensure the seamless execution of these events. Each semester sees the creation of both individual and master timetables, with subjects allocated to each teacher based on their expertise. The syllabus for every subject is provided to the teachers, who then compile academic diaries for their respective courses. The academic planner encompasses all the dates for internal and external examinations, enabling students to commence their preparations well in advance.

2.) Execution : The teachers effectively oversee the implementation of the curriculum. They meticulously maintain an Academic Diary, Teachers Plan, and ensure steady progress with the syllabus within the allocated timeframe. Each year, there is a proactive effort to enhance curriculum delivery through activities such as Participative Learning, Industrial Visits, Internships, Group Discussions, Seminars, Debates, Role-plays, and the inclusion of Value-added courses and certificate courses. This approach is aimed at facilitating a more comprehensive and enriched educational experience for the students.

3.) Reviews : By the end of Every semester a periodic review of the curriculum activities are taken by the Principal on curriculum activities and extra curriculum activities. Feedback are taken from students , alumni , Parents and faculty and accordingly required steps or decisions are taken.